Church Slavonic Prepositions

This is a table of primary prepositions and their central meanings. It is adapted from a similar table in A Comprehensive Russian Grammar by Terence Wade. Since this was based on a Russian grammar, I do not know how well the Church Slavonic prepositions correspond to their Russian equivalents or what spelling differences there are between the Russian and Church Slavonic forms. Please let me know of any inaccuracies.

Preposition Genitive Dative Accusative Instrumental Locative
    into, for   in, among
as far as        
    because of, on account of behind  
out of        
- from behind        
- from under        
except for        
    on to   on
    against   around, about, near
      in front of  
  along up to   after, for, for the benefit of
    under (motion) under  
in the midst of        
        in the presence of
for the sake of        
down from   down from with  


What are the rules for using the <o> suffix on single-letter prepositions (e.g. v" and vo, s" and so, k" and ko, etc.)?

Why is <vo vjeki vjekwv"> used in one place (e.g. <Slava i Nynje>); and <v" vjeki vjekwv"> used in another (e.g. Psalm 83:5)? Psalm 47:15 has both in the same verse, <vo vjek" i v" vjek" vjeka>. What is going on?

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