Troparion of Theophany

Listen to the Troparion of Theophany, courtesy of the Church Slavonic E-Tutor.

vo iOrdanje kreshchajushchusja tebje gospodi
prep. w/loc. loc. sg. m. n. dat. sg. m. pres. act. part. dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron. voc. sg. m. n.
in Jordan [when] wast baptised thou O Lord
When thou wast baptized in the Jordan, O Lord
trojcheskoe javisja poklonenie
nom. sg. nt. adj. 3p. sg. aor. v. pass. nom. sg. nt. n.
trinitarian was revealed worship
trinitarian worship was revealed
roditelev" bo glas" svidjetel'stvovashe tebje
nom. sg. m. poss. adj. conj. nom. sg. m. n. 3p. sg. impf. v. dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron.
father's for voice bore witness to thee
for the Father's voice bore witness to thee
vozljublennago tja syna imenuja
acc. sg. m. adj. acc. 2p. sg. pers. pron. acc. sg. m. n. m. sg. pres. adv. part.
beloved thee son calling
calling thee [his] beloved son
i dux" v" vidje golubinje
conj. nom. sg. m. n. prep. w/loc. loc. sg. m. n. loc. sg. m. adj.
and spirit in form dove-like
and the Spirit in a dove-like form
izvjestvovashe slovese utverzhdenie
3p. sg. impf. v. gen. sg. nt. 4d. n. acc. sg. nt. n.
certified of word the establishment
certified the establishment of the word
javlejsja xriste bozhe i mIr" prosvjeshchej slava tebje
dat. sg. m. past. act. part. voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n. conj. acc. sg. m. n. dat. sg. m. pres. act. part. nom. sg. f. n. dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron.
who wast revealed O Christ God and world who enlightens glory to thee
O Christ God, who wast revealed and who enlightens the world, glory to thee.


The phrase <kreshchaushchusja tebje> is a special construction called the dative absolute.


<iOrd/an"> - n. m. Jordan
<krest/itisja> - v. ipf. to be baptized
<gosp/od'> - n. m. lord, Lord
<tr/ojcheskyj> - adj. Trinitarian, pertaining to the Trinity
<jav/iti> - v. pf. to reveal
<poklon/enie> - n. nt. worship
<rod/itel'> - n. m. father, one who begets
<gl/as"> - n. m. voice, tone
<svid/jetel'stvovati> - v. ipf. to bear witness to
<vozljubl/ennyj> - adj. beloved
<s/yn"> - n. m. son
<imenov/ati> - v. ipf. to name, to call someone by name
<d/ux"> - n. m. spirit
<v/id"> - n. m. shape, form, appearance, guise
<golub/inyj> - adj. dove-like
<izvjestvov/ati> - v. ipf. to certify
<sl/ovo> - n. nt. 4d. word
<utverzhd/enie> - support, establishment
<xrist/os"> - n. m. Christ
<b/og"> - n. m. God, god
<m/Ir"> - n. m. world
<prosvjet/iti> - v. pf. to enlighten
<sl/ava> - n. f. glory

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