Troparion of the Nativity

rozhdestvo tvoe xriste bozhe nash"
nom. sg. nt. n. nom. sg. nt. 2p. sg. poss. pron. voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n. voc./nom. sg. m. 1p. pl. poss. pron.
nativity thy O Christ God our
The nativity, O Christ our God,
vozsija mIrovi svjet" razuma
3p. sg. aor. v. dat. sg. m. n. acc. sg. m. n. gen. sg. m. n.
has shone upon the world light of reason
has shone upon the world the light of reason.
v" nem" bo Zvjezdam" sluzhashchii
prep. w/loc. loc. nt. 3p. sg. pers. pron. conj. dat. pl. f. n. nom. pl. m. pres. act. part.
in it for to the stars [those] who do service
for in it those who do service to the stars
Zvjezdoju uchaxusja tebje klanjatisja solncu pravdy
inst. sg. f. n. 3p. sg. impf. v. pass. dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron. inf. v. dat. sg. nt. n. gen. sg. f. n.
by a star were taught to thee to bow down sun of righteousness
were taught by a star to bow down to thee, the sun of righteousness
i tebe vjedjeti s" vysoty vostoka
conj. acc. 2p. sg. pers. pron. inf. v. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. f. n. acc. sg. m. n.
and thee to know [down] from height the East
and to know thee, the East from on high.
gospodi slava tebje
voc. sg. m. n. nom. sg. f. n. dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron.
O Lord glory to thee
O Lord, glory to thee.


<uchaxusja> can be understood either as a passive or a reflexive form. If it is passive, then the phrase can be rendered, "were taught by a star." If it is reflexive, the the phrase can be rendered "learned from a star."

Although <vostok"> is not usually an animate noun, it has an animate accusative form here because it is the object complement of a pronoun whose antecedent is animate.


<b/og"> - m. n. God, god
<vozsi/jati> - v. ipf. to produce light, to shine forth
<vost/ok"> - n. m. the East, the Orient, sunrise, dayspring
<vysot\a> - n. f. height
<v/jedjeti> - v. ipf. to know
<gosp/od'> - n. m. lord, Lord
<Zvjezd\a> - n. f. star
<klan/jatisja> - v. ipf. to bow down to
<m/Ir'> - n. m. world
<pr/avda> - n. f. righteousness, justice
<r/azum"> - n. m. reason, intellect
<rozhdestv\o> - n. nt. nativity, birth-giving
<svj/et"> - n. m. light
<sl/ava> - n. f. glory
<sluzh/iti> - n. ipf. to serve, to perform a service
<s/olnce> - n. nt. sun
<uch/iti> - v. ipf. to teach
<xrist/os"> - n. m. Christ

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