Troparion of the Entry of the Lord (Palm Sunday)

wbshchee voskresenie prezhde tvoeja strasti uvjerjaja
acc. sg. nt. adj. acc. sg. nt. n. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. f. 2p. sg. poss. pron. gen. sg. f. n. m. sg. pres. adv. part.
general resurrection before thy passion confirming
Confirming the general resurrection before thy passion,
iz" mertvyx" vozdvigl" esi lazarja xriste bozhe
prep. w/gen. gen. pl. adj. 2p. sg. perf. v. acc. sg. m. prop. n. voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n.
from dead thou didst raise Lazarus O Christ God
thou didst raise Lazarus from the dead, O Christ God.
tjemzhe i my jakw otrocy pobjedy znamEnija nosjashche
adv. conj. nom. 1p. pl. pers. pron. conj. nom. pl. m. 4d. n. gen. sg. f. n. acc. pl. nt. n. nom. pl. m. pres. act. part.
therefore also we like youths of victory symbols bearing
Therefore, we also, like the youths bearing the symbols of victory,
tebje pobjeditelju smerti vopiem"
dat. 2p. sg. pers. pron. voc. sg. m. n. gen. sg. f. n. 1p. pl. pres. v.
to thee O conqueror of death [we] cry out
cry out to thee, O conqueror of death:
wsanna v" vyshnix" blagosloven" grjadyj vo imja gospodne
see note prep. w/loc. loc. pl. nt. adj. nom. sg. nt. adj. nom. sg. nt. pres. act. part. prep. w/acc. acc. sg. nt. 4d. n. acc. sg. m. poss. adj.
Hosanna in heights blessed [he] who comes in name Lord's
Hosanna in the heights! Blessed is he who comes in the Lord's name.


The word, "Hosanna," comes from a Hebrew phrase that means "Save, O God" and became used as a cry of joy. See the Catholic Encyclopedia entry for "Hosanna" for more details about the meaning and provenance of this word.


<blagoslov/ennyj> - adj. blessed
<b/og"> - n. m. god, God
<vozdvign/uti> - v. pf. to raise
<vop/iti> - v. ipf. to cry out
<voskres/enie> - n. nt. resurrection
<v/yshnij> - adj. high, heavenly
<gosp/od'> - n. m. lord, Lord
<grjast\i> - v. ipf. to come, to approach
<zn/amenie> - n. nt. sign, symbol
</imja> - n. nt. 4d. name
<laz/ar'> - prop. n. m. Lazarus
<m/ertvyj> - adj. dead
<nos/iti> - v. ipf. to bear, to carry
</obshchij> - adj. general, common
<otr/ok"> - n. m. 4d youth
<ws/anna> - int. or imp. Hosanna, (from Hebrew: to save)
<pob/jeda> - n. f. victory
<pobjed/itel'> - n. m. victor, conqueror
<pr/ezhde> - prep. w/gen. (or adv.) before
<sm/ert'> - n. f. death
<strast'> - n. f. passion
<t/jemzhe> - adv. therefore
<uvjer/jati> - v. ipf. to confirm, to certify, to assure
<xrist/os"> - n. m. Christ

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