Troparion of the Annunciation

Listen to the Troparion of the Annunciation, courtesy of the Church Slavonic E-Tutor.

dnes' spasenija nashegw glavizna
adv. gen. sg. nt. n. gen. sg. nt. 1p. pl. poss. pron. nom. sg. f. n.
today of salvation our beginning
Today is the beginning of our salvation,
i ezhe wt vjeka tainstva javlenie
conj. nom. sg. nt. rel. pron. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. m. n. gen. sg. nt. n. nom. sg. nt. n.
and that from eternity of mystery revelation
and the revelation of the mystery that is from eternity.
syn" bozhij syn" djevy byvaet"
nom. sg. m. n. nom. sg. m. poss. adj. nom. sg. m. n. gen. sg. f. n. 3p. sg. pres. v.
son God's son of Virgin becomes
God's son becomes the son of the Virgin
i gavriil" blagodat' blagovjestvuet"
conj. nom. sg. m. prop. n. acc. sg. f. n. 3p. sg. pres. v.
and Gabriel grace proclaims
and Gabriel proclaims grace.
tjemzhe i my c" nim" bogorodicje vozopiim"
adv. conj. nom. sg. 1p. pl. pers. pron. prep. w/inst. inst. sg. m. 1p. sg. pers. pron. dat. sg. f. n. 1p. pl. imp. v.
Therefore also we (here: [let] us) with him to the Theotokos [let us] cry out
Therefore, let us also cry out with him to the Theotokos,
radujsja blagodatnaja gospod' c" toboju
2p. sg. imp. v. voc./nom. sg. f. adj. nom. sg. m. n. prep. w/inst. inst. sg. 2p. sg. pers. pron.
[do thou] rejoice O full of grace Lord with thee
Rejoice, O full of grace, the Lord is with thee.


<blagovjestbov/ati> - v. ipf. to proclaim something good or joyful
<blagod/atnyj> - adj. full of grace, abundant
<blagod/at'> - n. f. grace
<bogor/odica> - n. f. Theotokos
<b/og"> - n. m. god, God
<byv/ati> - v. ipf. to become, to be
<vozopi/jati> - v. ipf. to cry out
<v/jek"> - n. m. age, eternity
<gavri/il"> - prop. n. Gabriel
<glav/izna> - n. f. book, beginning, foundation
<gosp/od'> - n. m. lord, Lord
<dn/es'> - adv. today
<d/jeva> - n. f. virgin
<r/adovatisja> - v. ipf. to rejoice, to be gla
<spas/enie> - n. nt. salvation
<s/yn"> - n. m. son
<t/ainstvo> - n. nt. mystery, secret
<t/jemzhe> - adv. therefore
<javl/enie> - n. nt. revelation, revealing

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