Troparion of St. Nicholas

Listen to the Troparion of St. Nicholas, courtesy of the Church Slavonic E-Tutor.

pravilo vjery i wbraz" krotosti vozderzhanija uchitelja
acc. sg. nt. n. gen. sg. f. n. conj. acc. sg. m. n. gen. sg. f. n. gen. sg. nt. n. acc. sg. m. n.
rule of faith and image of gentleness of abstinence teacher
[to be] a rule of faith and an image of gentleness, a teacher of abstinence
javi tja stadu tvoemu jazhe veshchej istina
3p. sg. aor. v. acc. 1p. sg. pers. pron. dat. sg. nt. n. dat. sg. nt. 2p. sg. poss. pron. nom. sg. f. rel. pron. gen. pl. f. n. nom. sg. f. n.
showed thee unto flock thy the of things truth
The truth of things showed thee to thy flock
segw radi stjazhal" esi smireniem" vyswkaja nishchetoju bogataja
gen. sg. m dem. pron. prep. w/gen. 2p. sg. perf. v. inst. sg. nt. n. acc. pl. nt. adj. inst. sg. f. n. acc. pl. nt. adj.
[of] this for the sake of thou hast gained by lowliness highness by poverty wealthiness
Because of this, thou hast gained highness by lowliless, wealthiness by poverty.
otche svjashchennonachal'niche nikolae
voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n.
O Father hierarch Nicholas
O Father, Hierarch Nicholas,
moli xrista boga spastisja dusham" nashym"
2p. sg. v. imp. acc. sg. m. n. acc. sg. m. n. inf. v dat. pl. f. n. dat. pl. f. 1p. pl. poss. pron.
[do thou] entreat Christ God to give salvation unto souls our
entreat Christ God to give salvation to our souls.


<segw radi> ("for the sake of this") is an idiom that means "for this reason," "because of this," or "therefore".


Why is <spastisja> (a reflexive verb) used instead <spasti>. Since Christ, not us, is the one who is saving our souls, why is a reflexive verb used?


<bog/atyj> - adj. rich, wealthy
<b/og"> - n. m. God, god
<v/eshch'> - n. f. thing
<vozderzh/anie> - n. nt. abstinence, temperance
<vys/okij> - adj. high, lofty, mighty, exalted
<v/jera> - n. f. faith
<d/usha> - n. f. soul
</istina> - n. f. truth
<kr/otost'> - n. f. gentleness, meekness
<mol/iti> - v. ipf. to pray to, to entreat, to implore
<nikol/aj> - n. m. Nicholas
<nishchet\a> - n. f. poverty, calamity, suffering
<ot/ec"> - n. m. father
</wbraz"> - n. m. image, icon
<pr/avilo> - n. nt. rule, regulation, standard
<svjashchennonach/al'nik"> - n. m. hierarch
<smir/enie> - n. nt. lowliness, humility, meekness
<spast/isja> - v. pf. to give salvation, to save
<st/ado> - n. nt. flock, herd
<stjazh/ati> - v. ipf. to gain, to win
<uch/itel'> - n. m. teacher
<xrist/os"> - n. m. Christ
<jav/iti> - v. pf. to show, to display, to reveal

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