Our Father <Otche Nash">

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Otche nash" izhe esi na nebesjex"
1d. voc. sg. m. n. 1p. pl. voc. sg. poss. pron. nom. sg. m. rel. pron. 2p. sg. pres. v. prep. w/loc. 4d. loc. pl. nt. n.
O Father our who art at [the] heavens
Our Father, who art in the heavens
da svjatitsja imja tvoe
3p sg. pres. pass. v. imp. 4d. nom. sg. nt. n. 2p. sg. nom. sg. poss. pron.
Let [it] be sanctified name thy
Let thy name be sanctified
da priidet" carstvie tvoe
3p. sg. pres. v. imp. 1d. nom. sg. nt. n. 2p. sg. nom. sg. nt. poss. pron.
Let [it] come kingdom thy
Let thy kingdom come
da budet" volja tvoja
3p. sg. fut. v. imp. (of <byti>) 2d. nom. sg. f. n. 2p. sg. nom. sg. f. poss. pron.
Let [it] come to be good pleasure/will thy
Let thy will come to be
jakw na nebesi i na zemli
conj. prep. w/loc. 4d. loc. sg. nt. n. conj. prep. w/loc. 2d. loc. sg. f. n.
as at heaven and at earth
as in heaven, so also on earth
xljeb" nash" nasushchnyj dazhd' nam" dnes'
1d. acc. sg. m. n. 1p. pl. acc. sg. m. poss. pron. acc. sg. m. adj. lg. 2p. sg. pres. v. irr. imp. 1p. pl. dat. pers. pron. adv.
bread our necessary [do thou] give [unto] us today
Give us today our necessary bread
i wstavi nam" dolgi nashja
conj. 2p sg. pres. v. imp. 1p. pl. dat. pers. pron. 1d. acc. pl. m. n. 1p. pl. acc. pl. poss. pron.
and release from/remit [unto] us debts our
and release us from our debts
jakwzhe i my wstavljaem" dolzhnikwm" nashym"
conj.   1p. pl. nom. pers. pron. 1p. pl. pres. v. 1d. dat. pl. m. n. 1p. pl. dat. pl. poss. pron.
as even we release from [their debts]/remit debtors our
just as we release our debtors [from their debts]
i ne vvedi nas" vo iskushenie
conj. neg. 2p. sg. pres. v. imp. 1p. pl. acc. pers. pron. prep. w/acc. 1d. sg. m. acc. n.
and not [do thou] lead us into temptation
and do not lead us into temptation
no izbavi nas" wt lukavagw
conj. 2p. sg. pres. v. imp. 1p. pl. acc. pers. pron. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. nt. adj. n. lg.
but [do thou] deliver us from [the] evil [one]
but deliver us from the evil one


Is there a difference between <jako> and <jakozhe>?

What part of speech is the <i> in <jakozhe i>?

How are adjectival nouns distinguished from abstract nouns? E.g. How would "Deliver us from evil [in the abstract]" differ from "Deliver us from the evil one"?

Does same ambiguity/controversy (i.e. "daily/necessary" vs. "supersubstantial") that surrounds the Greek "epiousios" apply to <nasushchnyj>?


b/yti - v. ipf. to be
vvest`i - v. pf. to bring in, to lead
v/olja - n. f. will
d/ati - v. ipf. to give
dn/es' - adv. today
d/olg" - n. m. debt
d/olzhnik" - n. m. debtor
zeml/ja - n. f. earth
izb/aviti - v. pf. to save from, to deliver from
/imja - n. nt. 4d. name
iskush/enie - n. nt. temptation
luk/avyj - adj. lg. evil
nas/ushchnyj - adj. lg. necessary
n/ebo - n. nt. 4d. heaven
ot/ec" - n. m. father
wst/aviti - v. pf. to release, to remit
priit`i - v. pf. to come
svjat/iti - v. ipf. to sanctify
xl/jeb" - n. m. bread
c/arstvie - n. nt. kingdom

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