O Virgin Theotokos, Rejoice" (<Bogorodice Djevo Radujsja>)

bogorodice djevo radujsja
voc. sg. f. n. voc. sg. f. n. 2p. sg. imp. v.
O Theotokos Virgin rejoice
O Virgin Theotokos, rejoice!
blagodatnaja marie gospod' s" toboju
nom./voc. sg. f. adj. voc. sg. f. n. nom. sg. m. n. prep. w/inst. inst. 2p. sg. pers. pron.
full of grace Mary Lord with thee
O Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
blagoslovena ty v" zhenax"
nom. sg. f. past pass. part. nom. 2p. sg. pers. pron. prep. w/loc. loc. pl. f. n.
blessed thou among women
Thou [art] blessed among women,
i blagosloven" plod" chreva tvoegw
conj. nom. sg. m. past pass. part. nom. sg. m. n. gen. sg. nt. n. gen. sg. nt. 2p. sg. poss. pron.
and blessed fruit of womb thy
and blessed [is] the fruit of thy womb,
jakw spasa rodila esi dush" nashix"
conj. acc. sg. m. n. 2p. sg. perf. v. gen. pl. f. n. gen. pl. f. 1p. pl. poss. pron.
for savior thou hast given birth to of souls our
for thou hast given birth to the savior of our souls.


<blagosloven"> can be either a short-form adjective or a past passive participle.


Can <blagoslovena> be a short-form adjective or is <blagoslovenna> (two <n>'s) the only short-form?


<blagod/atnyj> - adj. full of grace, abundant
<blagoslov/iti> - v. pf. to bless
<bogor/odica> - n. f. Theotokos
<gosp/od'> - n. m. Lord, lord
<d/usha> - n. f. soul
<d/jeva> - n. f. Virgin, virgin
<zhen\a> - n. f. woman
<mar/ia> - n. f. Mary
<pl/od"> - n. m. fruit
<r/adovatisja> - v. ipf. to rejoice, to be glad at
<rod/iti> - v. ipf. & pf. to give birth to, to bear
<sp/as"> - n. m. savior
<chr/evo> - n. nt. belly, womb

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