O Heavenly King <Carju Nebesnyj>

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carju nebesnyj, utjeshitelju, dushe istiny,
voc. sg. m. n. voc./nom. sg. m. adj. voc. sg. m. n. voc. sg. m. n. gen. sg. f. n.
O king heavenly comforter spirit of truth
O heavenly king, comforter, spirit of truth
izhe vezdje syj i vsja ispolnjajaj,
nom. sg. m. rel. pron. adv. m. sg. pres. adv. part. conj. nom. pl. nt. pron. nom. pl. ??
who everywhere being and all filling
who art being everywhere and [who art] filling all
sokrovishche blagix", i zhizni podatelju
voc./nom. sg. nt. n. gen. pl. nt. adj. n. conj. gen. sg. f. 3d. n. voc. sg. m. n.
treasury of good [things] and of life giver
treasury of good things and giver of life
priidi i vselisja v" ny,
2p. sg. v. imp. conj. 2p. sg. v. imp. prep. w/acc. 1p. acc. pl. m. pers. pron.
[do thou] come and dwell in us
i wchisti ny wt vsjakija skverny,
conj. 2p. sg. v. imp. 1p. acc. pl. m. pers. pron. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. f. adj. gen. sg. f. n.
and cleanse us from every impurity
and cleanse us from every impurity
i spasi, blazhe, dushy nashja.
conj. 2p. sg. v. imp. voc. sg. m. adj. n. acc. pl. f. n. 1p. pl. acc. pl. f. poss. pron.
and [do thou] save O good one souls our
and save, O good one, our souls


What is <ispolnjajaj>? It looks like some kind of participle, but I couldn't find any tables that listed a form exactly like this.

Since <sha> is a hard consonant, is <nashja> pronounced as though it were written <nasha>?


<bl/ag"> - adj. good
<vezd\je> - adv. everywhere
<vsel/itisja> - v. pf. to dwell, to move into
<vs/jakij> - adj. every, each
<d/ux"> - n. m. spirit
<d/usha> - n. f. soul
<zh/izn'> - n. f. (3d.) life
</istina> - n. f. truth
<neb/esnyj> - adj. heavenly
<wch/istiti> - v. pf. to cleanse, to make clean
<pod/atel'> - n. m. giver
<priit\i> - v. pf. to come
<skv/erna> - n. f. uncleanness, impurity, foulness, depravity
<sokr/ovishche> - n. nt. treasure-house, treasury
<spast\i> - v. pf. to save
<utjesh/itel'> - n. m. comforter
<c/ar'> - n. m. king

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