It is Truly Meet (<Dostojno Est'>)

dostojno est' jakw voistinnu blazhiti tja bogorodicu
nom. sg. nt. adj. 3p. sg. pres. v. (from <byti>) conj. adv. inf. acc. 2p. sg. pers. pron. acc. sg. f. n.
meet is who truly to call blessed thee Theotokos
It is truly meet to call thee blessed, who [art] the Theotokos
prisnoblazhennuju i preneporochnuju i mater' boga nashegw
acc. sg. f. adj. conj. acc. sg. f. adj. conj. acc. sg. f. 4d. n. gen. sg. m. n. gen. sg. m. 1p. pl. poss. pron.
ever-blessed and most-blameless and mother of God our
ever-blessed and most blameless and mother of our God
chestnjejshuju xeruvim" i slavnjejshuju bez" sravnenija serafim"
acc. sg. f. sup. gen. pl. m. n. conj. acc. sg. f. sup. prep. w/gen. gen. sg. nt. n. gen. pl. m. n.
more honorable than the cherubim and more glorious without comparison than the seraphim
more honorable than the cherubim and more glorious without comparison than the seraphim
bez" istjenija boga slova rozhdshuju
prep. w/gen. gen. sg. nt. n. acc. sg. m. n. acc. sg. nt. 4d. n. acc. sg. f. past. act. part.
without corruption God Word who gave birth to
who without corruption gave birth to God the Word
sushchuju bogorodicu tja velichaem"
acc. sg. f. pres. act. part. (of <byti>) acc. sg. f. n. acc. 2p. sg. pers. pron. 1p. pl. pres. v.
who art Theotokos thee we magnify
who art the Theotokos, we magnify thee


In this text, the conjunction <jakw> translates the Greek relative pronoun "os" and is used as a relative pronoun.

The prefix <pre-> indicates a superlative or extreme degree. It is often rendered in English with the word "most."

Superlative forms can be used with the genitive case to act as comparatives.

Sometimes fourth declension neuter nouns are declined as though they were first declension neuter nouns. Since, here, <slovo> is animate, the first-declension pattern for the accusative matches the genitive. This is why we see the form <slova> instead of <slovo> for the accusative of <slovo>.


<blazh/iti> - v. ipf. to call blessed
<bogor/odica> - n. f. Theotokos
<b/og"> - n. m. God, god
<vel/ichti> - v. ipf. to magnify, to glorify, to honor with songs
<vo/istinnu> - adv. truly
<dost/ojnyj> - adj. meet, fitting, worthy
<istl/jenie> - n. nt. corruption, decay
<m/ati> - n. f. 4d. mother
<nepor/ochnyj> - adj. blameless
<prisnoblazh/ennyj> - adj. ever-blessed
<rod/iti> - v. ipf. & pf. to give birth to, to bear
<seraf/im"> - n. m. seraph
<sl/avnyj> - adj. glorious
<sl/ovo> - n. nt. 4d. word
<sravn/enie> - n. nt. comparison
<xeruv/im"> - n. m. cherub
<ch/estnyj> - adj. honorable, venerable

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