Abbreviations used in the Grammatical Analyses

This is a table of abbreviations used in the grammatical analyses.

1d. 1st declension
1p. 1st person
2d. 2nd declension
2p. 2nd person
3d. 3rd declension
3p. 3rd person
4d. 4th declension
acc. accusative
act. active voice
adj. adjective, adjectival
adv. adverb, adverbial
cond. conditional mood
conj. conjunction
dat. dative
emph. emphatic
f. feminine
fut. future tense
gen. genitive
imp. imperative mood
impf. imperfect tense
ind. indicative mood
instr. instrumental
ipf. imperfective aspect
irr. irregular
loc. locative
lg. long form
m. masculine
n. noun
neg. negative particle
nom. nominative
nt. neuter
num. number
part. participle
pass. passive voice
perf. perfect tense
pers. personal
pf. perfective aspect
pl. plural
poss. possessive
prep. preposition
pres. present tense
pron. pronoun
prop. proper noun
rel. relative
sg. singular
voc. vocative
w. with

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