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My name is Justin Zamora, and I am learning Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Russian Orthodox Church. I created this site in order to learn more about the language. Since my knowledge of Russian is limited and there are few English-language resources for learning Church Slavonic, I decided that having a web site where I could put my notes and ask questions was the most practical way to increase my knowledge of Church Slavonic.

My goals in learning Church Slavonic are to be able to read and pray with understanding texts written in Church Slavonic, to be able to serve and sing competently on the kliros, and to be able to translate Church Slavonic texts into English.

Although Church Slavonic is sometimes called "Old Church Slavonic," "Old Slavonic," or "Old Church Slavic," it has been revised several times throughout its history, most recently in the 18th century under the Empress Elizabeth. The term "Old Church Slavonic" properly belongs to the form of the language that was used in the 9th-12th centuries and not to the modern form of Church Slavonic that is currently used in the Russian Orthodox Church. This site deals almost exclusively with the modern form of the language.

Please feel free to browse and send me any comments or answers to my questions, either by sending me e-mail or by signing my guestbook. If you see anything on my site that is incorrect, no matter how small, please let me know. I am using this material to learn, so I want it to be correct in all of its details, including spelling, diacritics, etc.

Note: Some pages take a while to load because they use small images for the letters of Church Slavonic words. Please be patient. Once the images are load and in your browser's cache, subsequent pages should load more quickly.


I want to thank all those who have sent me comments and answers to my questions. Special thanks is due to Joseph McLellan and Piotr Sobczak for their contributions to my understanding of Chuch Slavonic.